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The RAVELL® CEILING TV LIFT elevates TV/Monitor placed inside suspended ceiling to a viewing position. Moves it back to horizontal, hiding position inside the ceiling. Increases the aesthetics of the room (conference room, training room, home). It makes the TV/Monitor invisible during the standby mode. Additionally protects the unit before unauthorized access. 


  • Dedicated, in STANDARD version to  TV/Monitors - diagonal screen: 28"-65" 
  • Max lifting weight: 36kg (including covering ceiling panel)


  • Montage distances to adapt desired measurement 
  • Remote control (wireless IR, RF or RS232)


  • lift construction based on a horizontal frame system guided by a precision mechanism 
  • upward and downward movement caused by a slow-speed, precision linear actuator 
  • control of computer-based control box 
  • 100% repeatability 
  • quiet, smoothly running mechanism 
  • easy to operate 
  • reliable and functional construction made of high quality components 
  • finish with powder paint in black, white, silver (on request, you can choose another color from RAL palette), 
  • aesthetic and precise finish.


RAVELL WST-1 204 Kb Download
RAVELL WST-2 209 Kb Download
RAVELL WST-3 205 Kb Download