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The RAVELL ceiling lift lowers multimedia projector suspended from the ceiling to it`s working position. It increases the aesthetic appearance of the room causing, the projector to remain invisible until it is in use.
Additionally, the projector is protected from unwanted operations.


  • STANDARD, for business solution – operating range 0-700 cm


  • required length assembly spacers. 
  • wireless control IR or RF
  • projector masking
  • safety and precision is guaranteed by a double limit switch system
  • easy to operate


  • construction based on a three-horizontal-frame system. The system is moved by a precise,
  • single or double scissor lift
  • low speed winch with winding lowers and lifts the construction
  • 100% repeatability
  • silent and smooth rope drive
  • covering in black, white, silver powder coating (of custom – other colours available. From RAL palette)
  • aesthetic and precise finish.


RAVELL W-450 230 Kb Download
RAVELL W-751 247 Kb Download
RAVELL W-850 241 Kb Download
RAVELL W-1151 243 Kb Download
RAVELL W-1501 244 Kb Download
RAVELL W-2000 284 Kb Download
RAVELL W-3000 275 Kb Download